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Professional H2  foot bath detox cleanse with touch screen LCD

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NEW Professional H2  foot bath detox cleanse with touch screen LCD

Bio-energy cell purifier through the default computer program, and the world’s most popular bio-standard biological current,Through the principle of electrolysis, a large amount of negative ions are generated in the water to form active ion energy water, which detoxifies the basic components of the human “cells” through iontophoresis to promote rearrangement of the cells and improve the permeability of the cell membrane. The toxins in the body are separated With pores excluded to the outside.

“BIO” is used in human cells to stimulate the synthesis of energy (ATP) inside the cells, allowing the cells to return to normal operation and function, accelerate blood circulation, enhance collagen synthesis and enhance skin elasticity, both healthy and beautiful

Healthy life begins with the cells…..

H2 Foot spa Features:

1. A new listing of blood cells purification equipment.

 2. Europe and the United States simple diamond design.

3. Low-voltage DC power supply, safe and secure.

4. 7-inch large LCD touch screen display, simple and clear.

5. Auxiliary new BIO bio-energy massage therapy.

6. Powerful cell purification function, with special health effects.

7. High-grade aluminum packaging is more noble.

H2 Foot spa Benefits:

1, Enhance the vitality of body cells, promote metabolism and blood circulation, improve human immunity, enhance the body function;

2, Improve the human body’s natural understanding and metabolism, ease the body and all organs of the reading burden;

3, Effectively eliminate toxins and harmful substances accumulated in the body to maintain the body acid-base balance, purify the blood;

4, Deep-level nursing, endocrine regulation. Balancing blood sugar, regulating blood fat, blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and maintaining the body environment.

Use the crowd:

1. Long-term work pressure, mental fatigue, socializing frequently, alcohol and tobacco accompanied person.

2. Emaciated, often overtime, lack of sleep in the office staff;

3 susceptible to cold, easy to dye diseases, decreased immunity of sub-healthy people;

4. In the heavy metals, chemical products, radioactive environment, pharmaceutical environment in the scientific and technical personnel;

5. premature aging skin of women;

6. people who like to eat fatty foods;

7.Life disorderly freelancer

8. Kitchen housewife, chef.


*Disabled in the body with some magnetic devices;

 *Pregnant or breastfeeding women disabled;

*Hypoglycemic people must eat before use;

*Heart braces or bypass surgery should not be used;

*Wound sites can not soak;

*People Under the age of 10 and over the age of 80 should not be used;

*After organ transplant surgery should not be used;

*Drunk people should not be used.

Using methods and steps:

Tips: In order to use to achieve the best effect, please drink two cups warm water before starting, and then put your foot into the basin.

1. Turn on the power:

The power cord to link the machine, the other end into the room 220v ~ 110v AC power.

2. Standard plastic / wood foot tub:

Use a full-length plastic bag to wrap the basin completely, then pour hot water into the tub and submerge the ankle.

3. Connect the machine parts:

Connect the ion head, energy patch, wrist strap into the appropriate jack.

4.The role of qi and blood purification spa:

The ion head into human water,  touch the cell cleaning button on the LCD screen, the machine began to work. The normal operation of the machine, the liquid crystal display ion concentration time(adjustable).

5. Bio-energy massage therapy use:

Will plug in the bio-energy patch, affixed to the location of the meridian points of the body, according to bio-energy icons, physical therapy a total of four modes. (Massage, hammering, scraping, massage) a total of 99 levels of intensity, physical therapy can be selected according to individual circumstances and intensity, bio-energy therapy patch work once a time of 30 minutes.

6.The end of the work

The machine will automatically stop after thirty minutes of operation, and at the same time, it will send a long beep of “Di, Di, Di …” The display will return to the boot interface state, indicating that the work is over.

Product statement

H2 ionic Detox (Blood purifier )can promote the body’s own cell detoxification, its biological energy can help the body to obtain a new balance of the environment. H2 ions generated by the ion exchange through the foot SPA, the body rejuvenated young vitality.

This product belongs to health care product and can not replace any medicine.

Packing Details:

Accessories include

  • Main machine*1
  • Power cord*1
  • Ion Array*1
  • H2 Array*1
  • TENS pads*1
  • Manual *1 Wristband*1
  • Suitcase *1

1 Set/Suit Case /Standard Export Carton

Carton Size: 44*38*21 CM

Carton Weight: 5.2 KG

2018 NEW year H2 anion reducing toxins foot bath equipment with touch screen LCD

Delivery Details:

* We will ship the goods within 3 days of your payment.

* We use DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS Express or other (air/sea) shipping delivery. (According to your requests)

* The logistics tracking number will be provided to you for inspection.

* If there is any problem with the shipment, we will work with you to solve all the problems.