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Air Purifier & Humidification

Product Features

Pre-filter The primary filtration uses an aluminum-alloy filter located in the pre-filter. It is mainly used for filtering dust larger than 5 microns, including large dust particles, dander, pollen, floating debris, and other pollutants. It can be washed many times and used repeatedly.

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Air Purifier & Humidification

Cold Catalyst Filter

1.The catalytic decomposition reaction of the cold catalyst does not require UV rays, high temperature, or high pressure. In normal living environments, it can play a catalytic effect in controlling air pollution.

2. The main components of the cold catalyst come from additives found in food and pharmaceuticals. Itis non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable. Under normal temperature conditions, the catalytic reaction can remove formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, TVOC, and other harmful gasses. The reaction creates water and carbon dioxide. It does not produce any secondary pollution. It is a safe and environmentally friendly product on the cutting edge, suitable for a healthy home.

3. During the catalytic reaction, the cold catalyst itself is not directly involved in the reaction. The cold catalyst does not change nor is lost. Because of this, without any external damage, this filter will effective for more than five years. It is basically synched with the release of formaldehyde for long-term control.

Cellular -Activated Carbon Filter

The cellular-activated carbon carries high efficient additives. It has good absorption and dust collection characteristics.

Antibacterial Cotton Filter

The antibacterial filter is a precision filter trapping particles with a diameter of 5 microns. At the same time, there is an antibacterial agent added into the filter, which can effectively killing any airborne germs at an effectively killing 99% or more of bacteria.

High-Efficiency HEPA Filter

The effective HEPA filter filters airborne germs, smoke, and dust particles 0.3 microns large at a rate of 99% or more. In combination with the multifunctional filter, the HEPA filter can filter out microscopic particles larger than 20 nanometers in diameter, including bacterial mold, dust, allergens, and some viruses, while filtering out smoke. According to the World Health Organization, the avian flu virus, influenza virus, and Legionella bacteria are greater than 20 nanometers. The HEPA filter can filter them out.

Sterilizing UV light

UV sterilization using 365 nanometer UV wavelengths light can kill a variety of airborne bacteria. The UV disinfection lamp is generally used for air, surface, and water disinfection. It can purify the air, eliminate musty odors, as well as produce a certain amount of anions. This makes the air fresh while avoiding the spread of viruses in the air or on surfaces.

Anion Purifier

A large number of anions are released into the air, which oxygen molecules then add to their outer shell to obtain a negative charge. It has an extraordinary ability to combine with positively charged floating dust, smoke, bacteria, and viruses indoors. This makes free-floating debris fall, thus purifying the air and environment without harm to humans. These ultrafine particles are difficult to filter out with common mechanical equipment. Anions in the air have a special ability to capture these harmful substances. The smaller the size of the particle, the higher the capture rate. It is an effective way to eliminate these pollutants.   How to use: 

1. Auto mode.
 When the machine is plugged in, press the “power” button and “auto” button in sequence, then it can operate under the control of IntelliSense. The motor’s operating gear will adjust automatically to the PM2.5 data collected by the sensor. This mode is suitable for the foremost situations.
 2. Compulsory mode.
 When the machine is plugged in, press the “power” button. Press the “wind speed” button to choose the gear, and then choose to turn on or off the negative ion generator and the UV germicidal lamp. This mode is suitable for situations where compulsory purification is needed. The machine cannot change the gear automatically in Item this mode. 
3. Night mode. 
In the two modes mentioned above, the machine will turn to work at the first gear as long as the “sleeping” button is touched, making sure there is no noise affecting your rest. (In auto mode, it will turn to the sleeping mode when the environment becomes dark, sensed by the photosensitive sensor) 
 4. Timing mode. 
In the three modes mentioned above, after the “timing” button being pressed Exhaust Vent and operating time is set, the machine will start to count down. The machine will stop working after the countdown is finished. (If you need to cancel the countdown, please press the button until the time displayed is accumulated to 12 hours, then one more touch will cancel this mode)  
5. Child-proof lock mode.
 In the four modes mentioned above, the machine will turn to childproof lock mode after the “child-proof lock” button is pressed. Any operation through the panel or the remote control will be invalid before quitting this mode. (It can be quitted by pressing Supply Vent “child-proof lock” button for 3 seconds or the unlock button on the remote control.)

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Remote Control
Air purifier anti-snoring ventilation equipment to help sleep

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