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April 3, 2019
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Multifunction laser medical low level laser therapy machine

Therapy Applications

Reducing High Blood Pressure;

Reducing High Blood Viscosity;

Reducing High Blood Sugar;

Reducing High Blood Fat;

Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Diseases;

Rhinitis, Acute Rhinitis, Chronic Rhinitis.

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Low light clinical medical laser therapy watch

Main technical indexes

Laser medium: GaAIAs semiconductor
Laser wavelength: 650nm
Number of terminal lasers: 11pcs
Maximum power output of single terminal laser: 5mW+/-20%
Terminal laser output control: 3grades for adjustment
Treatment  time range: 10~60mins, 6 grades for adjustment
Lithum battery voltage: direct current of 3.7-4.2V
Output voltage of charger: 5V
Consumed power of instrument: <1W
Ambient temperature: 5-40°C
Relative humidity: ≤80%



Along with the improvement of people’s living standard and the change of dietary pattern, hyperlipoidemia, hyperlipaemia, and hyperglycemia have become a universal phenomenon, and the incidence rate of the caused coronary heart disease, miocardial infarction,cerebaal thrombosis, cerebral infarction and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases has been increasing year by year. So far, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have been one of the most serious diseases threatening human health in the modern world, and the morbidity and mortality is beyond tumor and it has been the leading killer.


The semiconductor laser treatment instrument combines the painstaking efforts of domestic well-known cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease medical authorities and many laser medical experts and draws the essence of Chinese and western medicines. It creatively achieves the simultaneous irradiation of wrist radial arteries, neiguan acupoint and nasal cavity and it is more convenient and humanistic. It is proved by the clinical test of many domestic authorized hospitals that with good treatment effect of treating hyperviscosemia, hyperlipaemia, ischemic cardiovascular and cere brovascular diseases and various of rhinitis. It has been certified and registered by state food and drug administration and won the national patent. And especially have got CE and ROHS certification for medical device in Europe.


Therapy Principle

Our Semiconductor Laser Therapeutic Instrument has been developed base on modern laser medicine and clinical practice. It adopts low-level laser with the wavelength of 650nm, through specific parts of irradiation and using light radiation of laser and wavelength relation to change the biological characteristics and peel off the fat layer and cholesterol wrapped in the red blood cells, to improve the activity and oxygen carrying capacity as well as the deformability of cells, reduce the concentration of middle molecules in the blood, improve hem rheological properties and lower triglycerides and cholesterol, in order to effectively treat and prevent heat and brain diseases.


Traditional Chinese Medical Science

Radial Artery: one of the surface superficial arteries. The reason to choose surface irradiation for the radial artery is the following:

1. Position of radial arteries is much superficial compared with parts of the body.

2. It is closer to the heart and the blood flow volume is larger, and with blood going through the radial arteries at per eight minutes(whole blood volume).

3. It’s easy ti touch and locate and runs along the vein.

So the laser energy can be easily absorbed by blood cells, to ensure the good effect.


Ulnar Artery:

Ulnar artery and superficial palmar branch of the radial artery fit in to deep palmar arch, through the meridians of ulnar artery heart, for treatment of chest, consciousness disorders and this meridian site of the lesion.


Neiguan Acupoint: is at the two cross fingers inwards the first cross grain on the inner sie of the wrist, shown as below. In the meridian doctrine of traditional Chinese medicine, the neiguan acupoint belongs to the pericardium meridian and is one of the eight confluence points. Large quantity of experiments and clinical practices have certified that the meiguan acupoint has the following adjustment function to the heart:

1. It can adjust the abnormal heart rate in a bidirectional way. The high heart rate can e slowed down and the low heart rate can be accelerated;

2. It can increase the blood flow volume of the coronary artery in acute myocardial ischemia;

3. It can strengthen the myocardial contractility and improve the cardiac function.To choose low level laser irradiation at the NEIGUAN acupiont is considered by experts as”One of the most outstanding and effective methods to treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Daling Acupoint: in the center of the wrist lines, between tendon and radial side of the wrist flexor tendon, for treatment of heartache, heart palpitations, stomach pain,vomiting, palpitations, insomnia, wrist pain.


Nasal cavity:

Is located in a special place which near to the brain. The brain is the nerve centre of the human body. Under the nasal cavity, distributing abundant vessels and nerve systems. 60% of nasal mucosa blood flow going through nasal cavity at per three minutes. It is certified by the arteries and vein. And the blood circulation is going through nasal cavity at per three minutes. It is certified by the clinical experiments that laser irradiation at this position can not only treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but also has an ideal effect on the rhinitis pathological changes.


The semiconductor laser treatment instument adopts 650-nm-wavelength low- intensity laser to irradiate radial arteries, neiguan acupoint and nasal cavaty, so that the hemodynamic and the blood fat and blood sugar metabolism are improved through photochemical effects, thereby improving the oxygen carrying capacity and the deformability of red blood cells, feducing the blood viscosity, reducing the blood fat, reducing the blood pressure and improving the blood sugar, and finally achiveving the purpose of treating hypertension, hyperlipaemia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, in a similar manner, it also has good effect of treating acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis and nasal sinusitis simultaneously.


Therapy Applications

Reducing High Blood Pressure;

Reducing High Blood Viscosity;

Reducing High Blood Sugar;

Reducing High Blood Fat;

Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Diseases;

Rhinitis, Acute Rhinitis, Chronic Rhinitis.


Therapy Advantages

1 . Improving blood viscosity through laser blood irradiation.
2. Improving blood oxygen carrying capacity through laser blood irradiation.
3 . Reducing blood-fat and total cholesterol through laser blood irradiation.
4. Quickly and effectively correct the abnormality of lipid metabolism and maintain the equilibrium level of the lipid metabolism in the human body through laser blood irradiation.
5.  Improving the partial blood circulation around the nasal cavities and the immunological competence of the nasal mucosa membranes through irradiation the nasal mucosa.
6 . Therapeutic efficacy control on ischemic cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases.


Main Structure and functional characteristics

Main structure:

The treatment instrument is mainly composed of a mainframe, a liquid crystal display screen , wrist band, lasers, a battery, charger and a jacket.

Functional Characteristics:

* The instrument creatively combines the irradiation of radial ulnar artery, neiguan acupoint,daling acupoint and nasal cavities the simultaneous irradiation of many key parts, thereby having remarkable treatment effect.

* The instrument has the functions of automatic fixed time and fixed quantity irradiation, thereby ensuring more convenient and more humanistic.

* The nasal clip, the wrist band and the wrist laser are completely positioned according to the design of human skeleton curves and human engineering, thereby ensuring more comfortable, reliable and laser.

* The operation programme has simplified, intelligent and energy-saving operation process.

* The instrument has small size and portable thus can be used for treatment at anytime and anywhere.

* The treatment instrument has automatic power-off and backlight energy saving modes, which consumes less power and is more environmentally friendly.

*The charger jack and the external laser jack can be applied at the same time. The fail-safe function of the jack avoids mis-operation which may damage the treatment instrument.

*After starting instrument, if there is no operation within one minute, the instrument turns off automatically for energy-saving and safety.


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