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Meta Hunter NLS with Chakra

• 3D-Spiral in-depth scanning

• Chakra

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New Meta Hunter with Chakra

What’s Meta Hunter?

The Meta Hunter is one of the most powerful health risk-assessment tools currently available. The Meta Hunter can help you get a huge success in the field of health.

it is an advanced Non-Invasive Diagnostic Device for physical examination & analysis system, using the light wave resonance to scan and detect the functional status of the Human body or to trace the gradually formed abnormal conditions in the tissue, cell, chromosome, DNA helix, molecule or entire organ, then provides treatment.

The Meta hunter is the version which is developed based on the Metatron 4025 Hunter, it has all the functions of Metatron 4025 Hunter, It is with the Chakra scan and healing functions, it is more accurate.

Meta Hunter Application areas:

.Chronic-degenerative illnesses of all kinds, autoimmune diseases, adjunct therapy to tumors.

.Weak immune system, chronic infections.

.Acute and chronic pain and inflammations.

.Fatigue,exhaustion,sleep disorders,depressions, migraine,psychosomatic illnesses, allergies,eczema, neurodermatitis.

.Hormonal disturbances, menopausal difficulties, PMS

.Old age illnesses.

.Pediatrics: growth problems, behavioral difficulties.

.Spinal symptoms: back pains, pains in joints, tensions, arthritis.

.Injuries, bone fractures

.Sports medicine, preparation for competition.

Meta Hunter Recognizes and Treats:

.Osteo-skeletal system(bones,joints,muscles,etc.)

.Lymphatic system,lymph nodes individual

.Vascular system(coronary vessels,arteries,veins,capillaries).

.Nervous system,(brain,spinal cord,hypothalamus, pituitary)

.Urogenital system(kidney,bladder,ovaries,uterus, prostate)

.Respiratory system(lungs,trachea,bronchi,etc.)

.Digestive system (stomach,intestines,esophagus,liver,etc.)

.Endocrine system(thyroid,adrenal glands,etc.)

.Bacteria,fungi,viruses and parasites.

.Blood components,hormones and enzymes.

.Allergens and environmental toxins.

.Food ,berbs,homeopathics,pharmaceuticals etc.

The studies showed that the new Meta Hunter is really a huge step forward in the development of the NLS Systems. Within seconds the “Meta Hunter” finds by itself the origin of tumors and hereditary diseases. So the Meta Hunter is beyond everything one could imagine in the past.

These overwhelming results were realized throughout the completely new 3-D Spiral-Scanning-Method. Meta Hunter was enlarged with hundreds of new virtual pictures.

The Meta Hunter finds by himself the DNA fragments with the most information loss. If these deviations on the DNA fragment-level are balanced, a lot of symptoms all over the body can disappear.

The Meta Hunter to describe all-embracing is not possible, you should experience by yourself!

Together with the improvement of Meta Hunter hardware, the software is being improved also. Meta Hunter is a new, revolutionary step in software creation. Hundreds of virtual models, starting with chromosomes, DNA and cells and up to models of organs and joints, were added to Meta Hunter.

Also, the algorithm of the software was renewed, thus the effectiveness and reliability of researches were increased. The most significant addition to Meta Hunter – is a

module called Meta Hunter, which allows revealing of oncological on early stages. The new user interface of the software is intuitively obvious; all symbols are visual and easy to remember.

Meta Hunter together with new models of Meta Hunter is considered to be a leader in non-linear diagnostics sphere, and medical certificate allows using of the system everywhere.

The main feature of Meta Hunter software is function called “Three-dimensional Scanning” which allows localizing automatically a nidus where tumor appeared, heritable diseases, etc. and to find the reason of appearance at genome level, passing one after another histological cuts, cytological cuts, chromosome sets, separate chromosomes, and go deeper to fragments of DNA helix.

During the research, the gross changes in tissues shown on macro cuts are revealed, and then a research of the histological cuts of the chosen tissues is carried out in a place of major pathological changes. Then, after histological cut research is done, the search for significantly changed cells is carried out in order to find changes in cell structures. This algorithm then goes to the level of chromosome set, looks for the changes in separate chromosomes, after that starts a research of DNA helix. Also, the user may carry out the research of multivariate topological picture and metastatic disease. It allows additional searching for metastasis in other organs. The researches are held in automatic mode and the user can interrupt it at any moment.

How Does Meta Hunter  Work?

All the information about the state of your body is delivered to the brain. We use special trigger sensors which are shaped as headphones in order to connect to it. Furthermore, we use cutting-edge software in order to obtain this data, to decode it and to create an onscreen display in the form of three-dimensional models of organs, tissues, and cells.

The Principle Of The Method :

Bio-resonance or NLS-diagnostics aim at obtaining information about the state of your health using a computer and special programs. The data about an objective state of body tissues, cells, chromosomes, and even hormones are being transmitted in real-time and instantly decoded in the form of specific diagnoses and recommendations.

Bioresonance Technology:

Bioresonance is basically the interaction between the organisms and their frequency patterns that enclose or reverberate due to the movement of the organisms. Bioresonance technology works in collaboration with the Meta Hunter biofeedback devices that are known as ‘brain machines’ or psycho-physical amplifiers.

The advantages of our new system Meta Hunter : 

– adaptation of a brand new system of continuous scanning developed for high-performance multidimensional non-linear scanners (metatrons) of Z series, thus reliability of researches is increased greatly.
– Research speed is increased more than 5 times.
– The main peculiarity of Meta Hunter is ‘multidimensional virtual scanning’ that allows automatically localize a nidus of tumor, hereditary diseases and reveal a reason of its appearance at the genome level, by sequential passing through histological and cytological sections, chromosomes and going deeper to fragments of DNA molecule.


People who fall under any of the following categories are welcome, advised and will find benefit in using and having a Meta Hunter device: Physicians, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Dietitians, Licensed Nutritionists, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, Integrative Medicine/CAM Program Directors, Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Complementary Medicine, Homeopaths, Massage Therapists, Medical SPAS, Wellness and Fitness Centers, Cosmetic Salons, Pharmacists, Medical Students and Faculty, Licensed Herbalists, Anti-aging and other Alternative Medicine Practitioners.

No doubt, Meta Hunter will be your new corporate business model in the coming future. It conveys the positive effects and the deep impression on your clients holds their attention and makes them come back again and again to your business circle. It creates a lot of benefits and makes a lot of money from the following ways in expanding markets on preventive medical fields, medical checkup, and its follow-up products or peripheral commodities for a long-term period.